About Us


We present to you pieces assembled from the creators vision and personal collection which is what defines Villa Rock. When the creator of this store finally decided to add her passion to her ever growing list of business ventures, Villa Rock Couture was birthed. This magnate had many visions for the store but the foremost was giving everyone a chance to be seated at the table of luxury. With that in mind we strive to provide our customers with items both brand new and gently used, all with a common denominator; high-end with a twist the same name brands lack- accessibility.


  Pictured Above: The luxurious visual blueprint of future Villa Rock Headquarters. Since she was a young girl, the creator of Villa Rock Couture was captivated by fashion and made it her lifelong hobby. Her inspiration being everything gold and black, bold and high end. When she speaks on fashion and her related business venture in the 90's, she always emphasized how she could work 24 hours day in, and day out with it never feeling like work. Within a short amount of time, we hope to incorporate many more pieces by our brand. We look forward to sharing more about what makes the brand and the many milestones we hope to reach with you on top of the opportunities we look forward to presenting you.

Happy Shopping